Mercury 34HGCV
Mercury 34HGCV
Mercury 34HGCV
Mercury 34HGCV
Mercury 34HGCV
Mercury 34HGCV
Mercury 34HGCV
Mercury 34HGCV
Mercury 34HGCV

ElementOne by Dreamcore

Mercury 34HGCV

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Mercury 34HGCV


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Bring the cinema home with the ElementOne 34HGCV's Ultrawide curved display, sporting a silky smooth 144Hz refresh rate, 122% sRGB color gamut, built-in KVM and more. Play your way with an included height adjustable stand that offers ergonomics that's easy on the eyes and wallet.

Unlimited ultrawide bliss

The 34HGCV features an Ultrawide Quad HD (UWQHD) resolution that measures 3440 x 1440 pixels, filling every periphery for exceptional movie or game nights. Enjoy a truly cinematic experience that delivers immersive and comfortable content.

Curves that cradle the eye

Complementing the natural shape of the human eye, the 34HGCV's 1500R curvature is designed to pair visual fidelity with comfort over prolonged use. See everything as it should be seen - your eyes will thank you for it.

Buttery smooth gameplay

Unlock your battlestation's potential with the 34HGCV's 144Hz refresh rate. That's double the frames, double the details, and double the smoothness in gameplay and productivity.

Full hues in every colour

Redefine the rainbow with the 34HGCV's 122% sRGB colour gamut. Gaze upon the sight of 16.7 million colours painting perfect pictures before you, enjoy colours that are accurate, lifelike, and rich, and don't forget to blink.

Work and play in comfort

Position and play your way with the 34HGCV's height-adjustable stand that delivers tilt, swivel, pivot and height adjustment to fit every ergonomic need, whether at work or at play.

Multiply your productivity

Make full use of the 34HGCV's 34-inch display and multiply your productivity by turning one monitor into two, thanks to picture-in-picture (PIP) and picture-by-picture (PBP) features built right in.

The full sensory experience built right in

Enjoy a visual orchestra in a symphony of colour with the 34HGCV's built-in speakers and reclaim your desk today.

Unparalleled mess-free connectivity

The 34HGCV comes with a built-in KVM switch, a feature highly sought after by multitaskers working with multiple computers at a time.

Easy on the eyes

Give your eyes a rest with the 34HGCV's low blue light display. Enhanced comfort means less irritation no matter how long you're in front of your display.

Tear up games, not frames

NVIDIA and AMD graphics card users rejoice. Reduce screen tearing with Adaptive Sync baked right into the 34HGCV and enjoy stutter-free gaming.

Reimagine the boundaries of dynamic range

Enjoy content that's more lifelike than ever and truly elevate your content consumption with High Dynamic Range (HDR) on the 34HGCV's HDR10 display.